1- 100% Cotton Jersey Very Wide Harem Pant Chill Ohm



Product Description

Made from super soft jersey cotton material, (think top quality dress or t-shirt material), the length is a fabulous 44 inches, (yes, really, no more rise in the middle as they hang beautifully, almost skirt like in their freedom

Great colours to choose from, roomy side pockets and elastic waist with drawstring detail, (actually they are unisex)!  Waist stretches from approx 26 inches to 36 inches max, (UK size 12-14 maximum I think on these, model is a size 10)

Tried and Tested:  I find the elastic waistband a little tight at first, but loosens after several wears.  I totally cheated on mine as I wear them low, pulled them out of the washing machine and put the waistband over the back of a chair and stretched them an instant 2 inches, hehe!  I recommend hand wash only, but have to admit I like to test everything when possible so mine go in a 40c wash with no problems at all.

Harems only, the pocket belt not included.

Additional Information